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1. How many investigators does the Cedar Falls Police Department have?
2. Is it true that the Cedar Falls Police Department has an investigator who works on Internet crimes against children?
3. If I have a question about a crime that occurred to me how can I get the name of the investigator who is working the case?
4. How do I keep from becoming a victim of a fraud or identity theft?
5. If a crime occurs in a city other than Cedar Falls can I report the crime to the Cedar Falls Police Department?
6. Are all reported crimes assigned to an investigator?
7. If I am a victim of a sexual assault what should I do?
8. I think the person living across the street from me is a sex offender, how can I find out if he is or is not?
9. If I want an investigator to give a talk to my organization about a certain type of crime, who should I contact?