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1. What are the objectives for ice & snow control?
2. Does the city have a prepared ice & snow control plan?
3. Who determines when ice & snow control activities should be initiated?
4. How is the decision made to activate ice & snow control measures?
5. Could conditions be so extreme that the ice & snow control equipment wouldn’t operate?
6. How many pieces of ice & snow control equipment does the city routinely utilize?
7. What materials does the city use to combat slippery streets?
8. What do the snow emergency signs throughout the city mean?
9. Does the city plow alleys?
10. Why does the snowplow always leave a windrow of snow at the end of my driveway?
11. I live on a cul-de-sac. When the plow clears the cul-de-sac it looks like they struggle with the snow accumulations. Are they difficult to plow?
12. How does the city deal with drifted snow?
13. How long do I have after the end of a snow event to get my sidewalk cleared?
14. Does the city have someplace where I could get a pail of sand or salt for the sidewalk and driveway at my home?
15. Are there any standards or specifications for placing a mailbox next to the street so it’s safe from the snowplows?
16. After the snowplow has cleared the street my neighbor blows snow from his driveway and sidewalk out into the street. Is this legal?
17. As a resident is there something I can do that would be helpful to the plow drivers?
18. How much snow must fall before the snow plows are activated?
19. How long does a person have to remove the snow and ice from their sidewalks following a snow fall?