Tag - Competitive


3rd-6th Grade Division
7th-12th Grade Division
Teams may consist of 4 players-Come try our course at the Rec!
Dates:  Tuesday, March 17...SPRING BREAK
Times:  Noon-3:00pm
Fee:  $10/team-Register under team captain
Registration Deadline:  March 14

Description:  Chase Tag™ has become an exciting new entry point for kids to engage in fitness & sport, kids are rediscovering the simple game of tag – everyone knows the rules & anyone can play.  Two teams of four players send one player at a time into the area of play, which features a bunch of platforms and other obstacles for players to hurdle, jump off of, and otherwise use to avoid being touched by the person chasing them. Each “chase” lasts 20 seconds, and if during that time the “evader” isn’t touched by the “chaser,” the evader’s team gets a point. If a player gets tagged, the round is over, and the successful evader stays on while the chasing team sends a new player out. 

Take a look:  https://youtu.be/rgWBm5ud20Y